What content should go on the Government of Yukon website?

Government of Yukon websites are for services, information and advice that only the Government of Yukon can provide.

Content can be published to the Government of Yukon website if it meets the following criteria. Your content should:

  • meet a user need;
  • be in current high demand from users;
  • explain what users need to know or do in order to transact with the Government of Yukon;
  • explain a user’s rights or obligations;
  • be something that only the Government of Yukon can or should do;
  • explain what the Government of Yukon is doing about something;
  • be something the Government of Yukon has a statutory obligation to publish; or
  • explain the purpose of a Government of Yukon organization.

Content shouldn’t go on the Government of Yukon website if it is:

  • general advice;
  • already on the Government of Yukon website – think from a corporate perspective and avoid duplication; or
  • information or services reliably provided by non-government organizations

When you write for the Government of Yukon website, ensure your content is:

  • Actionable: Content should allow a user to complete a specific task.
  • Strategic and targeted: Content should be focused on a helping specific audiences complete a task in as few steps as possible.
  • Current: Plan the lifecycle of your content. Know how it will be maintained to ensure it is kept up-to-date and accurate. Make a plan so you know what will happen to it once it is no longer needed.
  • Consistent and formatted for the web: Content must be written and organized so users can quickly scan with confidence and trust.

The Government of Yukon’s website tone is:

  • authentic – inclusive warm, human, down-to-earth;
  • supportive and professional – direct, helpful, instructional, easy-to-understand; and
  • friendly – open and reassuring.


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Last update:
Aug 4, 2017