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Use action-oriented content

People come to Government of Yukon websites to complete a task. Every sentence you write should help them accomplish their task.

  • Place the most important information at the beginning of your page, sentences and headings.
  • Name the action(s) you want your user to take. For example – apply for funding, find an office, register for a workshop, get your Yukon health care card, etc.
  • Use the active voice to make it clear who is responsible.
    • In active voice the subject performs the action expressed by the verb.
      • Active voice: Apply to the Business Incentive Office to have your products added to the Rebate Schedule.
    • In passive voice the subject receives the action expressed by the verb.
      • Passive voice: Applications to have your products added to the Rebate Schedule can be made to the Business Incentive Office.


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Last update:
Aug 4, 2017