Use lists and write meaningful links

  • Use bulleted or numbered lists to break up large blocks of text.
  • Minimize the number of items in your list. This will help your user remember them. If you have a longer list, try creating several smaller lists with clear headings.
  • Use numbered lists only if you need to show users how to complete steps in the correct order.

Write meaningful links

  • Place keywords at the beginning of link text. Be explicit about what the link offers. Descriptive links often work better.
  • Use active words and phrases, but never use “click here” or “click to open.” Users know to click on a link if it looks like a link.
  • Place links in the context that they should be in and not at the end of a page or on a separate page of links. Avoid excessive use of links within paragraphs.
  • Write links as:
    • headlines and titles – for example “Designating a heritage property” o short sentences – for example “Find out more about the programs we offer”
  • Use action phrases and verbs.
    • For example – “Contact us,” “Sign in,” or “Register now”


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Last update:
Aug 4, 2017