Confirmation page

Why use this pattern

You should use a confirmation page at the end of a transaction, for example a payment.

Confirmation pages reassure users that they have completed a transaction and help them understand what to expect next.

How it works

Your confirmation page must include:

  • A transaction (reference) number, if there is one.
  • Details of what happens next and when.
  • What to do or who to contact if they have a problem with their application.
  • Links to information or services that users are likely to need next.
  • A link to the feedback form.


Your payment of $00.00 was successfully made for the vehicle registration renewal numbers 123456 and 654321.

We have sent an email from government-email @ to user-email @ with your payment receipt. The decal for your licence plate(s) and registration will be mailed to the address you gave us.

Refer to transaction number ABC123 if you need to follow up on this transaction. Email government-email or telephone 000-000-0000 if assistance is required.

Renew another vehicle registration or go to Government of Yukon website

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Last update:
Jan 28, 2019