Email receipt message

Why use this pattern

If your service sends an email message to a user after they submit a request or order, the email should only tell the user what they need to know, and nothing more.

Never include personal or sensitive information.

How it works

An email receipt message typically includes the following components:

What they need to do

This is what will happen next. Don’t explain the whole process, just focus on the simple facts:

  • If the user needs to do something after receiving the email, make it clear.
  • If the user needs to do something by a specific date, tell them when it must happen.

What they should expect

If your service requires that the user wait for the government to send them something, such as a vehicle registration or birth certificate tell them when they should expect it.

For example, “You’ll get your vehicle registration in 5-10 business days.”

If a payment was made, what they ordered

If your service takes payment, such as for a fishing licence or camping permit tell them what they ordered and how much they paid.

Who to contact if they need help

A user may need to contact the government about their order or request. Make it easy for them by providing an email address and/or telephone number. You can also include a transaction order number or request number, if available.

Who it came from

The name of the service should be in the subject line. This will mean more to the individual than your department name or acronym.


Subject line: Order confirmation: Renew a vehicle registration

This message is to confirm your vehicle registration renewal(s) has been received by Government of Yukon.

What you need to do

You don’t need to do anything right now.

What will happen next

The decal for your licence plate(s) and registration will be mailed to the address you gave us. Please allow for up to 5-10 business days to receive the decal for your licence plate(s) and registration through regular mail.

Details of your order

3 vehicle registration renewal(s)
Total paid: $30.00

If you need help

Email or telephone 000-000-0000 if assistance is required. Refer to confirmation number ABC123.

Government email accounts

Email messages must always be sent from government email accounts that are regularly checked by staff and individuals can reply to if they have questions or need help. Do not use noreply @gov yk ca or other types of “no reply” email accounts.

Last update:
Aug 6, 2018