Get a domain name

These guidelines apply to all new domain name registration requests and existing domain name renewals. The rules apply to departments, corporations and agents of the Government of Yukon.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a memorable and often easy-to-spell address for a public-facing website or transactional service. For example, is the domain name for the government website.

Buy a new domain name

You are not permitted to buy a new domain name. Instead, use as your starting point.

Ensure users start their journey on is the government’s website for information and services.

For services, users must always begin their journey on Examples include Renew a vehicle registration and Get a Yukon fishing licence. All services have to meet the standard.

You must only advertise the URL (or short URL) of your page, for example You must never advertise any other URL for your information or service anywhere.

Renew an existing domain name

After a department’s content has been migrated to, any existing domain(s) should be kept for no longer than the existing renewal period.


If a department manages an existing website with its own domain name that’s soon to expire, the contents of that website need to be evaluated for inclusion at Contact for guidance.

Transactional services

If an existing service has its own domain name that’s soon to expire, the functionality of that service needs to be assessed for inclusion on the eServices Platform. Contact to set up a review.


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Last update:
Jun 3, 2019