How to report a bug or request an improvement

The eServices Platform includes common products for:

Report a bug or request an improvement to any of these products by following this guidance.

Report a bug

If you find a bug, report it so we can fix it. For example, a bug may be a page that displays oddly or an error that you or someone else found.

Include the following in your report. 

  • A clear and specific title (not ‘website error’);
  • what web browser you were using when the bug appeared;
  • an explanation of what you were trying to do and what happened;
  • the page URL or link where the error appeared; and
  • a screenshot with the bug displayed.

If the bug is on send your report to

Send all other bug reports to

Request an improvement

If you work for a government department, corporation or agency that uses any of these products, you can request an improvement to be made.

For example, you may want to make a change to the functionality of the web publishing platform or to the way that looks or works. 

We cannot always work on all improvements because our product teams need to make sure the change:

  • supports good practices;
  • meets the needs of the majority of staff using the product;
  • meets the needs of general users; and
  • can fit within the work on our product roadmap.

Most product changes will need evidence to support them or may need user research, so we cannot always make the change right away or tell you when it can be made.

Before you send a product improvement request to, get in touch with to talk through your needs and assess the priority level. 

Then when you submit a product improvement request to include:

  • a clear and specific title (not, for example, "website change");
  • who the change would affect, for example staff or the public;
  • what needs to change and why (focus on the user need);
  • how big is the problem, for example does it stop you from publishing;
  • the consequences for users or your project if the change is not made;
  • who is affected (giving numbers of users affected if possible);
  • any evidence for the change, such as inquiry desk feedback, user research or policy change; and
  • a deadline for the change and why – give as much notice as you can.

How your request is prioritized

The eServices product teams plan improvements to the eServices Platform on a quarterly basis. We follow an agile delivery process to manage our work.

Minor changes can usually be made if the person dealing with it can make the change in less than 20 minutes.

If the request is more complex, we will add it to our product backlog. The eServices team will respond to you and prioritize it based on the information you provide.

We may need to meet with you in person to discuss the improvement.

Last update:
Mar 4, 2020