Guidance for building new or updating existing Government of Yukon websites and services

If you work in the Government of Yukon, this guide will help you determine how your online information or service should be built and where it should reside.

The digital service standard applies to new and existing public-facing services of all government departments, government corporations and agents of the Government of Yukon unless specifically granted exception. This includes all departments including the Yukon Development Corporation, the Yukon Housing Corporation and the Yukon Liquor Corporation.

The contents of this section cover: website is the single website for people who need to interact with the Government of Yukon in the course of their daily lives. This includes Yukon citizens, businesses and people who want to relocate to the Yukon.

Why is the government moving to

In 2017, as part of an organization-wide action plan all departments agreed to reduce the overall number of websites they own. All departments must migrate their content to unless an exemption has been approved.

What goes on

Helpful, instructional and easy to understand content that:

  • meets a user need;
  • is in current high demand from users;
  • explains what users need to know or do in order to transact with the Government of Yukon;
  • explains a user’s rights or obligations;
  • is something that only the Government of Yukon can or should do;
  • explains what the Government of Yukon is doing about something;
  • is something the Government of Yukon has a statutory obligation to publish; or
  • explains the purpose of a Government of Yukon organization.

What does not go on

  • general advice;
  • is already on – think from a corporate perspective and avoid duplication;
  • or information or services reliably provided by non-government organizations.

How to get department content onto

Government departments who have not yet migrated their content to and decommissioned their previous department website need to coordinate this work with Executive Council Office. Contact to discuss the process.

What about other content?

If after reviewing the criteria above, you determine that you content does not belong on but still needs to be public, contact for guidance.

What to do about other types of online information and services

As the government, we have a collective responsibility to offer digital services that are user-centered, align with corporate goals and meet user expectations, as well as being secure, private, accessible and bilingual.

Assessment and approval by eServices for Citizens are required before any new service can launch to the public, as per GAM 1.20, Governance of digital services.

Transactional services

What is a transactional service?

Transactional services are defined as any public-facing digital service where the transaction results in a change to the records held by government. A transactional service typically involves an exchange of information, money, licenses, permits and/or goods.

Build a new transactional service

If you are building or plan to build a new transactional service, you must contact eServices for Citizens early in your project so that we can provide feedback, tools and guidance.

Improve an existing transactional service

If you have an existing service that you want to improve with new features or other changes, contact early in your project so that we can provide feedback, tools and guidance.

Government campaign websites and pages

What is a government campaign website or page?

A campaign is defined as a time-limited promotional activity with a specific and measurable goal. Related to this, a campaign website or page is defined as the place online where people go to get more information about the campaign.

Build a new campaign website or page

eServices for Citizens is working with departments to develop a common solution for government campaign pages.

We have already run several workshops to research user needs and define what should be included; next we are working on a prototype. A solution will be made available to the government to start using in fall 2018.

In the meantime, contact if you are planning a government campaign so that they can provide guidance.

Public engagement websites

What is a public engagement website?

A public engagement website is defined as the place online where people go to get more information about a particular engagement. A listing of all government public engagements can be found at

Build a new public engagement website

Contact if you are planning a public engagement so that they can provide tools and guidance.

You are not permitted to buy a new domain name. Instead, use Engage Yukon as your starting point.

You can use the Engage Yukon URL in your promotions.

Today, some public engagements have their own website but it is our goal to reduce the number of standalone websites.

As such, later this year eServices for Citizens will conduct a series of workshops to research user needs and define what should be included in a new, common online public engagement product. A solution will be made available to the government later in the fiscal year.

Web map viewers

What is a web map viewer?

Web map viewers show and allow people to interact with geospatial information, satellite imagery and aerial photography in a web browser, for example

Build a new web map viewer

Contact for guidance about design, technology or other considerations. Web map viewers must only be built on Government of Yukon-approved and supported infrastructure.

Improve an existing web map viewer

Contact for assistance.

Considerations for visual design of web map viewers

eServices for Citizens is working on a common visual design system templates that departments will be able to apply to new and existing web map viewers so they look consistent with After reviewing with key stakeholders and user testing is complete, a solution will be made available to the government in fall 2018.

All other types of public-facing websites and services

Build a new website or service

New government websites or services, of any type cannot be built without permission from eServices for Citizens. In the past, government has sometimes referred to these as boutique websites.

Government of Yukon has delivered via a new common platform for web publishing. Departments must work to assess their web content, re-write it with a user centered approach and migrate the content to

eServices for Citizens is also actively working on additional government-wide common platforms for transactional services, data publishing and public engagement. These platforms and other components we are developing will meet the needs of many departments and replace what exists today as standalone government websites and applications.

Improve an existing website or service

If you have an existing website or application that you want to improve with new features or other changes, contact eServices for Citizens early in your project so that we can provide feedback and guidance.

Last update:
Jun 12, 2019