How you know alpha is finished

At the end of the alpha phase, you should have:

  • User stories in the backlog. These should relate to the overall user journey of your service rather than being tied to individual features of the service.
  • A plan for your beta phase and a (less detailed) plan for your live phase.
  • A set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure your service's success. Examples of KPIs we typically recommend are:
    • Completion transactions. This is the total number of transactions per year through the online channel.
    • Completion rate. This refers to users who complete an order as a percentage of those who start.
    • User satisfaction. The sentiment of users as derived from their feedback form submission.
    • Digital uptake. The percentage of people using a government service online compared to other channels. For example at a front counter or on paper.
  • A basic working system with limited functionality which you can demonstrate to users. Alpha prototypes need to allow a complete end-to-end transaction, no matter how rough and rudimentary the prototype may be.
  • An understanding of legacy systems you need to replace or integrate with.
  • A name for your service.
  • Analysis on the user needs research you've done.
  • Progress on the various application and other regulatory forms to be filled out for the service.
  • Project dates and other milestones laid out in a project schedule.
  • A decision on whether or not to progress to the beta phase.


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Last update:
Jun 4, 2019