What to do in alpha

Alpha takes longer than discovery because you’ll be digging into the details of the service and building prototypes to test with users.

During alpha, you should:

  • Design and code a prototype of the service. Start with whiteboard sketches or paper prototypes and review these with the project team, iterating on them until the department service owner approves them.
  • Build the next iteration. This should be a functional version on the eServices Platform using the Drupal web form builder tools.
  • Determine who should be on the approvals team and what role they should each have. Depending on the department(s) you are working with, the team may have different approval requirements including:
    • Project manager in the department.
    • Service delivery manager from eServices for Citizens.
    • Communications analyst during and after beta and live.
    • Deputy minister, assistant deputy minister and director-level approvals.
  • Figure out which services this will replace or complement. Plan out a high-level migration strategy and resulting decommission of the existing service and IT infrastructure.
  • Develop a list of external and internal users who will test the service during the alpha phase. Include those who need assisted digital support.
  • Decide when, what and how any service content will be translated from English to French. This may not have any cost associated with it if you run translation through the French Language Services Directorate (FLSD).
  • Build a high-level project schedule if the decision is made to go ahead with the beta phase.


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Last update:
Jun 4, 2019