How you know discovery is finished

Discovery is finished when you know:

  • The broad scope of the service you want to build.
  • The features that your minimum viable product (MVP) must have.
  • User needs and stories are simple, clear, distinct and prioritized.
  • Senior stakeholders want to begin building the service and understand your plans.
  • How you’ll measure success and what a successful service will look like. This includes key performance indicators.
  • What the needs are of users who require assisted digital support.
  • Any related services that exist to meet the user need and whether they're run by government or third parties. Your service shouldn’t duplicate another government service and it should only meet needs government is uniquely positioned to deliver.
  • Whether to move into the alpha phase.
  • The team of people you need if you decide to move onto alpha.


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Last update:
Jun 4, 2019