Phases of an agile project

Our transactional service design and delivery process has 4 phases:


We start researching and mapping the current service landscape, analyzing the real needs and problems faced by users outside (citizens) and inside (employees) government. Our goal is to understand the vision for the service, the current user experience(s), related policies and who should be involved.


We test our hypotheses by sketching and then building prototypes in code to explore different ways we may be able to meet user needs. We also do user research to learn what approach works best and iterate upon the solution as we learn more together.


Based on the successful prototype built in alpha, we define and develop a minimum viable product (MVP) to be tested with more users. This is an accessible, secure service that can be made public and allow citizens to trial it themselves. Use their feedback to improve the service.


Put the team and processes in place to continue operating and improving the service. This phase can also include phasing out the old service(s) and consolidating existing, non-digital channels.

Last update:
Jun 4, 2019