eServices Platform

The eServices Platform (sometimes refered to as ESP) is the Government of Yukon standard technology for delivering transactional and content services online. Major features of the platform include:

  • Drupal content and data management system. Our version of Drupal is set up as multi-site, meaning that:
    • Each site shares common code (Drupal core, modules and themes).
    • Each site has its own database so that its content, configuration, settings or displayed themes are unique.
    • Each site can have its own custom modules installed and configured.
    • Each site can have its own individually managed roles and permissions.
  • Drupal web forms for transactional services.
  • Centralized updates and management of Drupal core, modules, plug-ins and themes.
  • Centralized monitoring and management of server infrastructure.
  • Common Git source code version control accounts.
  • Third-party quality assurance process and reviews.
  • Web hosting services for the website.
  • Surveys
  • Web analytics tracking and reporting.
  • Web maps
  • Online payments
  • Centralized content storage and delivery (all files in one place, accessible via search or browse)
  • Global search engine, powered by Apache Solr.
  • User training in content management.
  • User training in web analytics reporting.

There have already been many decisions made and processes put into place to ensure that transactional and content services that run on eServices Platform are secure, private and adhere to Government of Yukon technology standards.

Last update:
nov 26, 2018