Service assessments

This is a guide to help teams about to go through or going through a service assessment. We’ve written it from our experience helping government organizations participate in a service assessment as part of their work.

This guide will evolve over time as we learn more about the things that work (and those that don’t work).

We welcome any feedback and suggestions from your own experiences. To send us your comments, please email us at

How service assessments work

As a service is being developed, it needs to be assessed by eServices for Citizens before it can launched to the public. We run service assessments at the discovery, alpha and beta phases of a project.

The service must pass these assessments to demonstrate it's being built it in a way that complies with the digital service standard criteria.

Benefits of service assessments

Service assessments allow you to:

  • Get feedback about the service you’re building from a panel of experts.
  • Solve problems with the service while you build it and reduce the risk of bigger problems happening later.
  • Share your knowledge and learn more about how to build services.
  • Promote the work you’re doing.

Why we assess services

eServices for Citizens assesses services to:

  • Make sure they all meet the service standard.
  • Protect the quality of public-facing digital services.
  • Associate Government of Yukon with high quality public services.

Who to bring to a service assessment

If you're a Department Service Owner, you must attend all service assessments. You can also choose people from your team to come with you. You should pick people who you think are best able to answer questions about your service.

Most Department Service Owners bring an employee who interacts with the public on a regular basis, the manager of their existing offline service and sometimes, a Functional Analyst, but you can choose to bring whichever people you want.

What you have to do at an assessment

At an assessment, a member of the eServices for Citizens team and your department group needs to:

  • Give a brief overview of the service.
  • Demonstrate the service by walking the panel through an end-to-end transaction.
  • Answer questions from the expert panel, demonstrating how the service meets the service standard.

Read the digital service standard criteria to find out more about what you'll have to discuss, show or explain.

Getting your results

The panel will give your service one of the following results:

  • Pass.
  • Didn’t pass.
  • Didn’t pass with a recommendation that the service stop development.

You should get your assessment results within five working days, in an email sent to you and the Department Service Owner who is responsible for the service you're building.

After you get your results

Your next steps will depend on which phase your service is in.

If your service passes an alpha assessment

If your service passes an alpha assessment, you can proceed to the beta phase.

If your service passes a beta assessment

If your service passes a beta assessment, you’ll be able to launch it publicly with beta branding on A page with a link to the individual service on must also be published.

If your service passes a live assessment

If it passes a live assessment, you can remove the beta branding, along with any warnings on the start page. The related page on must also be updated, if neccesary.

If your service doesn’t pass

If your service doesn’t pass, the panel will give you feedback and recommendations on how to change what you’re doing so your service meets the standard.

You’ll then have to get your service assessed again. The panel will tell you whether it needs a full reassessment or just a check that you’ve fixed the points it didn’t pass.

If the panel decides your service doesn’t meet the standard for 1 or 2 criteria you’re more likely to have to go to a partial reassessment.

If your service had many more problems, or it’s been a long time since your service’s original assessment, you may have to get it fully reassessed. You may be able to do a reassessment by video conference.

If your service doesn’t pass the beta assessment, it won’t appear on or be linked from nor

Last update:
nov 9, 2018